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11 May 2006 @ 10:31 pm


Welcome to Harry and Hermione Delusional Rants(lets make it shorter: HHDR. Merlin, where have I heard something alike? Eh, eh! Kiss, Cindy*)

I saw no better way to start this but with something I had already posted  in my own LJ. It's about my family and how it rocks. I've posted it in a forum and now, it will be the first rant I'll post here!

As you'll see, ranting is just say what you want to say... and I want to show you how harmonious is my family!

Well... I don't know if it is my influence but some days ago, I was just talking to my step bro and mum when my mother refered R/Hr. Well, you imagine my reaction... She corrected right away(as a precausion, I imagine... I'd run somewhere else if I knew my own mother was a HeRon) and I asked my step bro who was the perfect man for Hermione and he answered, matter-of-factly, "Harry, of course! He and Hermione make a wonderful couple... way much better than Ron and Hermione"

He just made so proud of being his step sister! Guess we have another little 9 year old joining the Dark side... Not mentioning my step sis, 14, who's totally lost in love with our love birds...^^''

Also, my little cousin Catherine (8 beautiful winters) is a H/Hr shipper... I don't know if it is my influence either, but I'm proud of her...so young, so good to me. It was a Happy Easter for me! And then I asked my other cousin, Filipa (12 summers) and again the answer was good to our side!^^''

I MUST work on my mum... She's not very determined yet but she shows interest on R/Hr... You know that stupid line "the opposites are atracked"? She believes in that bullshit... Well, I must tell her what's right or she'll fall into the dephs of "the easy"! And I don't want my own mum on their side! No... I won't let my OWN mother fall in their nets that easily!

She has some good work on right now.... Guess I'm making progresses! 


Oh! Something I forgot to mention on the rules is that you must put your rant/theory on a LJ cut. If you don't know how to do that, then e-mail me or add me to MSN.

I'll have some difficulty on updating the community myself because exams are approching here and I must study hard for them. 


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