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23 May 2006 @ 09:31 pm

Long time, no see, eh? I've been having a hard time with exams... Picture it: I'm taking 9th year exams... I need to take a special Portuguese  exam and English written exams to guarantee my mark...it's good somehow... studyg in Portugal may be quite good for me.... I understand enough portuguese to pass the year just, I don't likee!!!! Well, but you're going too random, Joanne!! It's not a rant.... it's more like a theory but I rather call it rant.

Anyway, original post by Terri:

"There are instances scattered throughout the books where you get the feeling that Ron and Ginny MIGHT be suspicious of H/Hr.

In GoF, Ginny absolutely refused to divulge Hermione's secret....that she was going to the ball with Krum.

In HBP, Ginny was all about painting Hermione in a negative light. She shouted at Ron that Hermione had kissed Krum [which was obviously a secret] and she belittled Hermione at every turn [Quidditch, Buckbeak...and so on]. Since the story is told from Harry's perspective, it's also obvious that this was always done in Harry's presence.

Ron has often called the two of them on their whisperings, etc...and it often sounds as though he suspects something, but doesn't actually want to bring it up.

Stop to think for a second...if either Ron or Ginny were to bring it up, wouldn't it make Harry and Hermione think about it? At this point, we get no indication that H/Hr are thinking about how they feel about each other. Of course, we never know what Hermione's thinking since we're not privy to it...but we don't really know what Harry thinks of Hermione.

We do know that he has a great deal of respect for her, he thinks she's pretty [GoF], he admires her intelligence, she's the voice of his conscience....

To this point, he's been under the assumption that Ron fancies Hermione. If Ron were to say something like,

"Hey, Harry...what's going on between you and Hermione?"

Harry, confused, "I don't understand-"

Ron shrugs, "I don't know mate. I'm just kinda wondering if maybe Rita Skeeter and all the others were right, y'know? Is there something going on between you two?"

Harry shakes his head. "Come on, Ron," he laughs tenuously, "you know we're just good friends."

Ron stares at his best friend and takes note of the look of contemplation that has now taken residence on Harry's face...

NOPE! Ron's not that stupid. He'd never bring it up because then Harry would be forced to think about it...and Ron would lose Hermione for good.

The same thing goes for Ginny and Hermione. If Ginny was to actually call Hermione on her 'possible' feelings for Harry, Hermione would be forced to think about 'why' Ginny asked. And, Ginny would lose Harry for good.

Neither Ron nor Ginny are good enough for Hermione or Harry, respectively. They want to be...they even long to be. But, they simply aren't.

It's not because they're poor. It's because mentally AND physically, they just can't compete. One is just another pretty face...and the other is just a jealous [and sometimes] fool who wants SOMETHING that no one else has....Hermione.

Ron knows he's not good enough for Hermione...and I think it makes him want her more. It gives him something to strive for...even though he knows it could never work.

I don't mind Ron's character, although I do think he's disrespectful of both of his friends, but he could never be the man that Hermione needs. He doesn't have it in him. He's a slacker. He wants someone else to handle all of the difficult stuff for him. Hermione might enjoy being the 'alpha' in the relationship for a while, but eventually she'd want a guy with a backbone [if she has any self-respect at all] and not a guy who relies on her to constantly keep his life straight.

Eventually, Harry would realize that looks really don't bind you together and that you need something more to make a relationship work. Yes, Ginny is supposed to be this beautiful creature...but she's incredibly mean-spirited and self-centered. She knows how good she looks and uses it to her advantage...she's nothing more than a stereotypical 'Heather'....

Has anyone here seen the movie, 'Heathers'? [Sorry, no offense to anyone named Heather]. In the movie, the girls are conceited, beautiful, and incredibly self-centered. Now, it's been a while since I've seen it, but I do remember that there are three girls named 'Heather' who are under the assumption that everyone wants to be just like them.

Anyway, my point is that I believe Ginny is just like the three girls.

There are still so many possibilities in the 7th book. Yes, the obvious 'anvil-sized' stuff is R/Hr...there's really no denying that [at least from my standpoint]. But, the stuff that truly has substance is H/Hr. If Harry is to survive this, and if love is the key, there is simply nowhere else to find it but in his Hermione.

That could be a rhyme...

If Harry is to survive this
And if love is the key
There is simply nowhere else to find it
But in his Her-my-oh-nee


Anyway...I absolutely refuse to give up on H/Hr. For me, nothing else makes sense."

My reply:

Well... I've been thinking about book 7, ships and such (also I've regained courage to resume my rereading of HBP). We can clearly see that Ron is suspicious of H/Hr!! Where have these people's eyes been? For instance, right after the trio entered the Castle, after the Quidditch tryouts, they see McLaggen who had been Confunded by Hermione. Harry notices it and pulls Hermione by her arm and asks her why did she do that and stuff. Ron keeps waking, entering the Great Hall. When he noticies that neither Harry nor Hermione are with him... He turns around and sees Harry and Hermione whispering and much close and asks what were they doing with "a suspicious look" on his face.

Ron isn't exactly thick... at least he is suspicious his two best friends may have something going on! Now Ginny is something different... She wants Harry with all her might and she'll fight for him! But not because he's Harry... she'll fight for him because he's The Chosen One and all she wants is being World known as Harry Potter's girlfriend! She's envious of any other girl that lays her eyes in Harry. She thinks she's the best, the hottest, the most fabulous girl Hogwarts has ever seen in centuries! Well, if you ask me, I think she's a slut... Every week, a new boyfriend... please!

And I don't believe that Ginny is the one Harry needs to conquer Voldemort! If love is the key, like Terri says, then that girl must be someone very special for Harry... Someone who has always been there for him, someone he was always keen to help, someone like Hermione... Hermione herself. Hermione is knowledge, a simple girl who gives a damn to what Harry is socially. She doesn't want to know, she doesn't care if Harry is The Chosen One or a rapper what matters to her is that Harry is Harry. Her friend.... Now, Ginny is self-centred and, truth be told, she has always had a secret crush on Harry. H/G fell from the highest skies! Harry suddenly starts fancying Ginny and then he kisses her! The end! Goodbye! Much was left untold there... Harry starts thinking Ginny is a beautiful witch and falls in love with her in a matter of days!

I've been thinking about other ships too... Hr/D to be precise...(I know you like it Terri, me too... but I've been wanting to let this out)they eye each other with fury and loathing, right? R/Hr are always bickering and throwing rocks at each other (literally). So if HeRons say that "the opposites are atractted" then I think that the 'anvil-sized' clues is Hr/D... they must be married secretly and have 4 children... Maybe HeRons should start shipping Hr/D instead of R/Hr...(I'm sorry about this...really needed to rant a little)

I really hope I can post something soon... I'm a little too busy with University, I don't have time to update my own LJ... I'm sad!

Well, that's it...

Feeling...: amusedamused