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I'm Joanne and I'm the moderator of this new H/Hr community.

-Why 'Harry and Hermione Delusional Rants'?

Well, I've been feeling in need to rant and such and this morning I had a cliché after some friends make my day. So, I love to rant but I like it better when I theorise and make sense and not when I rant and am senseless, but as 'theories' is too long I choose 'rants', not mentioning I like the word.

-What to do here?

Simple. First of all you MUSTN'T start shipper wars! This is community ships H/Hr and all their relationship so, if you are not a H/Hr shipper don't even care to ask premission of membership. I'll know sooner or later if you are a loyal shipper or you just entrer to mess up with the rest of us. Apart of that this is a community with good ears, minds and fingers. When you feel like ranting, here is the perfect place to do so. Still that doesn't forbid you to theorise!

-And the rules?

Every decent place must have rules and this one is no different! Like I said above, no shippers Wars allowed! No Internet writting, u understnd me? No other shippers, but H/Hr ones, allowed. You cannot use others' theories unless you give the proper credits to it. And the rest you know. Speak at your will, but watch your language!

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